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. >>> the man suspected of leaking u.s. classified video and documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. the army filed # 22 new charges. the 23-year-old is being held in quantico. if convicted, he could face life in prison or even the death penalty. >>> new today, the man accused of shooting and killing two u.s. air men will be in court. president obama says he's outraged over the deadly shootings at an airport in germany. a 21-year-old man opened fire on a military bus outside the frapg further airport yesterday. two others were injured. officials say he's from kosovo. family members describe him as a devout ms. luslim. >>> the man who assassinateded robert f. kennedy has been denied parole once again. a board member said he was, quote, not responsive, very impulsive in his actions and needs more work. the panel recommend he get help for his anger management problems, as well. he's eligible again in five years. >>> a northern have a are a teacher will appear in court on child pornography charges. kevin ricks was charged last july with possessing and transporting child por
. >> and an fbi agent missing for years, found >>> this morning, u.s. officials say they have proof that a retired fbi agent that disappeared in iran is alive. robert levinson disappeared while working as a private investigator. they believe he is being held in southwest asia. iran has denied knowing what happened to him. >>> a maryland accused of being a u.s. spy in cuba. allen gross was arrested in 2009. u.s. said gross was providing internet access to jewish groups and didn't commit a crime. >>> muammar gadhafi launched air strikes, fighter jets bombed rebels there yesterday, and killed 14. rebels celebrated overnight after taking control of a key road. >>> it is 4:46, the nonstop rising gas prices. fighting in libya and the middle east are attributing to the price hike. $3.42 for a gallon of unleaded. maryland drivers are paying $3.40. and rising prices are forcing airlines to go sky high. jet prices are over $3 a gallon. delta airline system one of the first airlines added $20 to domestic round trip tickets. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords, singing "american pie" with her family. she is g
a tsunami. >>> nato agreed to take command over the no-fly zone over the country. the u.s. along with britain and france will continue attacks on ground targets. nato could take over full operations, several have raised resistance, including the only muslim nation, turkey. at the same time, congress is pressuring the obama administration for the goals of the presence in lib yampt hillary rodham clinton said it has neutralized the libyan air force. >> we will tell you when we could get snow. >> and a dramatic scene where blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >>> not the scene you want to wake up to. a landslide in northwest washington state caused two homes to partially collapse. heavy rain triggered that landslide in everitt. two of the collapsed homes have been red tagged and declared unsafe to enter. nobody got hurt as a result of the landslide. >> tom is here to talk about the forecast for today. >> unusually cold for the end of march. right now, below freezing in many locat
. >> the extensive damage in japan is having an affect on car production here in the u.s. toyota is the hate e. automaker to announce that work may stop at some of its north american plants due to parts shortages. toyota is unsure which factories will shut down or for how long, but says the impact will be limited because a majority of parts for north america production come from suppliers here. >>> u.s. military officials say the coalition air strikes in will i be have effectively grounded gadhafi air forces. no libyan planeses have been detected in the air for the past 24 hours. a fuel depot was also hit. the air strikes have also started driving gadhafi's ground forces back to misrata. congressional leaders have started on question the u.s. mission in libya and want clearances about a time frame to hand over leadership of the efforts. >>> and air strikes near libya's oilfields have caused the price of oil to sky rocket to its highest level in more than two years. u.s. crude futures hit $102 ending above $100 for the first time since september of 2008. that has prices on the increase once aga
will visit with u.s. troops where the taliban insurgency is strongest. he'll also meet with the president of behalf afghanistan. this is his 13th trip to the region. u.s. troops are said to begin withdrawing in july. >>> 4:34 now. the crisis in libya is intensifying with battles over territory. opposition forces are trying to take control over cities surrounding the capital of tripoli. forces loyal to muammar gadhafi are fighting back with heavy round of artillery, air strikes and gunfire. mean mile, tens of thousands of people are escaping the violence and setting up a ref you gee camp in tunisia. >>> and this unrest in libya is fueling gas prices. look at the latest number from aaa. the national average is $3.50. d.c. drivers are paying $3.59 a gallon. maryland drivers are paying $3.47 a gallon. michelle almaguer is here with more. >> reporter: from new york to california, sticker shock. >> it is a ripoff. $4 a gallon, i spent $65 to fill up my car. that only lasts me a week. >> reporter: 4 a gallon is a bargain in some california cities. >> it is frustrating. it is only going to go up
the u.s. should arm rebels. this morning the white house made a revelation that it providing a different kind of help on the ground. tracie pottss jo s joins us fro capitol hill to explain. >> reporter: the president has said no ground troops on the ground. we can do now understand that will this are cia operatives there. the "new york times" reporting and the associated press now backing up that small groups of covert operatives are believed to be on the ground from the cia. the cia as you imagine won't confirm this, but experts say they are probably there for one of two reasons or perhaps both, to gather information intelligence about moammar gadhafi's military to help the air assault effort, or to gather information about the rebels and who they are and who is backing them. the u.s. still trying to decide whether or not to arm those rebels. president obama says he hasn't ruled it out. but they need more information. they appear to be disorganized, disjointed, and part of the concern here on capitol hill is there may be elements of al qaeda or hezbollah backing these rebels. so it appe
for wal-mart who said they were under similar circumstances, now that case reached the u.s. supreme court. they aren't decided whether or not wal-mart discriminated. they are deciding whether or not all the women can sue together. >> what implications could this have? >> think about big oil, think about tobacco, all the companies are watching very carefully. two dozen briefs filed by organizations and other groups who feel they have a stake or interest in the outcome here. if the court decides that all of these women can sue wal-mart together, you are talking about what could have huge implications for other industries as well, when it comes to dealing with their own employees. >> thank you, tracy. >>> two more people in the hospital after what has turned out to be a violent start to the week. the two men were shot in southern avenue on the prince george's county line. police say one of the victims was shot in the foot, the other in the side. both are expected to survive. at this point, police don't have a motive or a lookthe out for suspects. >>> we are learning that one of the shootings
surprises along 95. we're in great shape there. along route 1 no problems to report. back to you. >>> the u.s. military is moving naval and air forces closer to libya as the crisis intensifies. the pentagon didn't specific what military actions are taking place in the mediterranean sea. the move comes as foreign leaders consider imposing a no fly zone over libya. allies stepped up travel and sanctions against libya and moammar gadhafi. foreign leaders want the dictator to stop attacks against protesters and to step down after his 42 years in power. >>> global markets will be watching trading in cairo as the egypt stock exchange reopens. some want it to stay closed. these protesters worried that egypt as financial market might collapse if it reopens in an unstable region or government there. analysts are bracing for a possible selloff of risky shares. financial regulators say they plan to suspended trading if bench marks drop. >>> to the showdown on capitol hill. the house plans to vote on ooh two week extoengs deep government working while lawmakers battle the bigger budget for the rest the y
libya, as the u.s. role begins to change.
transition, which begins now, and also, u.s. policy moving forward, what is our mission? a lot of questions, will we be giving guns to the rebels? nato now taking over full command, not only enforcing the no-fly zone, also, as of yesterday, saying they will protect civilians in libya as well. another big concern coming up that president is sure to address or be asked about later, the price tag for all of this. some here on capital hill said it already proaching a billion dollars. >>> two people are dead, another seven injuries after a sail boat capsized off san diego. it happened near harbor island off the coast. crews say the boat flipped and sent everyone in the water. two men in their 50s declared dead. children among the injured. the weather was calm and no report of strong winds before the accident. >>> 24 year-old rebecca corium was last seen making a phone call to a friend. she never showed up to work that day. disney said it searched the ship several times and corporating with investigators. the navy, the officials from the bahamas are all involved in the case. >>> how about a rest
is at the highest level yet, radiation, 3300 times in the water outside the fukushima plant. the u.s. is hoping to help end the disaster. the energy department is sending robots to the plant. they will provide readings, data and help to provide visuals that may be too dangerous for humans. >> the safety of artificial food dyes, those dyes have been deemed safe by the fda. there are new studies that they may be linked to hyperactivity. >> reporter: 7:00, breakfast is in the blender. bananas, strawberries, and a mifin on the side. his mom threw out everything containing artificial flavors and dyes. >> i could tell difference. >> here it is handwriting before the new diet, and then after. yellow 5 and 6, yellow 40, found in chips, pickles and mack and cheese. many doctors, and consumer advocates said there is a link between the dyes and hyperactivity. >> the trigger in some. >> the controversy isn't new. since 1970, now, the fda is changing its opinion. the fda said there is no link, now, suggests that condition may be exacerbate d by dyes and colors. we are always producing the safest possible pr
that the u.s. is considering evacuation due to high radiation levels. they were given i. dine pills. >>> we are dealing with showers, most passing to the north of the metro area, continuing to drift off to the east. really, no heavy rain will be causing any travel problems. and it is a chilly start. in the 40s throughout most of the region. and the temperatures are milder in the mountains. in the 50s. many locations, west virginia, and kentucky, southern indiana, it is in the 60s this morning. some of that mild air will try to makes it way, as an area of low pressure will be approaching, improving our chances for storms, there is snow in northern pennsylvania and new york city, toward upstate new york, and the midwest. and that system will give us rain from time to time this morning through late morning, drizzle now and then. through mid day. late this afternoon, we could get strong storms. it looks like things will set more unstable. strong thunderstorms into the evening. how is traffic? >> could be a tough one. we have to be prepared. dry pavement south of town. so far. anyway. all the wa
moves one step closer to avoiding a government shutdown. today the u.s. senate is set to vote on a two week extension to keep federal employees work. the house passed the bill yesterday. it includes $4 billion in cuts. the existing budget expires on friday. the legislation gives lawmakers more time to negotiate the bigger budget that runs through september. >>> a high-profile pakistani government official is dead this morning after his car was attacked by three gunmen. pakistan's government minister for religious minorities was on his way to work in the capital of islamabad when the attack happened. he was part of pakistan's christian community and had urged reform of the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call for the death penalty for insulting islam. >>> the d.c. council is now considering making mayor vincent gray responsible for all of the city's leased vehicles. it would require the mayor to sign off on every vehicle lease. this comes just a week after reports surfaced that taxpayers were spending nearly $4,000 a month on two luxury suvs for council chairman kwame brown.
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13